Contract Furniture for Any Hospitality Venue

Are you searching for a contract furniture manufacturer or a contract furniture supplier?

Danish Marine Furniture supplies the world’s leading cruise lines, luxurious hotels and restaurants in designing, sourcing and delivering high-quality contract furniture. Our roots are in Danish craftsmanship and its strong traditions for design, functionality and quality.

Through years of experience in working with commercial furniture, we’ve developed expertise in consulting and project management. Throughout the years we’ve built a global network of partners to handle sourcing and hands-on production of custom furniture. Whether it is a new build or refurbishment project, we can realize any furniture design project on-time and on budget.

We work directly with shipbuilders, architects, interior designers and fleet refurbishment specialists. Our role extends from the earliest design phases to the final delivery of custom and special-design furniture.

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A Highly Experienced Contract Furniture Supplier

Ole Varming Andersen founded Danish Marine Furniture in 2003, and he has worked with the contract furniture and shipbuilding industry for the past 40 years. Today, Ole oversees all Danish Marine Furniture projects.

Ole is a master carpenter, trained in classic European and artisanal traditions. He has a practical, hands-on knowledge of materials and production and a craftsman’s intuitive understanding of the possibilities in contract furniture design. This combination of craftsmanship, his experience in building cruise ships and a global production network built up through years of work are Danish Marine Furniture’s strengths.

The result of our work is furniture that lives up to the complex combination of requirements to passenger safety, design, luxury, durability, ease of maintenance, functional use of space and architectural aesthetics that are required of all contract furniture solutions.

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The Founder & Owner: A Dedicated Craftsman

I am a master carpenter and, for the past 35 years, I have built everything from luxury homes to designer furniture. My specialty is creating furniture for luxurious cruise liners, restaurants and hotels. I am an expert in managing the design and production of furniture that meets the hospitality industry’s complex requirements to durability, design and functionality.

We bring craftsmanship to your cruise ship, hotel or restaurant!

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