Commercial Sun Loungers, Sun Beds & Beach Chairs

Commercial sun loungers or sun beds are central pieces of furniture in any outdoor pool area, and to create the perfect poolside area you are surely looking for high-quality outdoor furniture.

Danish Marine Furniture offers a wide range of commercial outdoor furniture that provides your guests with maximum comfort and functionality. We take indoor comfort outdoor whether your guests want to enjoy the sun from a sun lounger or seek shade under the roof of a cabana.

skagen 5 commercial lounge chair

Complete the Pool Deck with Commercial Sun Loungers

What is more relaxing than basking in the sun? A view of the clear blue sea or a swimming pool equals vacation to many people, and many sun-chasing hotel- or cruise guests spend countless hours in a sun lounger during their stay.

The comfort of the sun chair is therefore an important factor just as well as the durability and the functionality of the chair. The rigours of a vivid poolside call for solid commercial pool furniture. A beautiful design doesn’t get you through the demanding conditions in a pool area, but a clever construction and high-quality materials do.

Offer Your Guests Maximum Comfort with Commercial Outdoor Furniture

To offer your guests maximum relaxation and recreation during their stay in your hotel or onboard your cruise line, you need beautiful sun loungers that are especially designed to the contract marked. Our outdoor furniture collections are designed with rigor and attention to detail, so that they can withstand the frequent use that is required in a commercial outdoor leisure area.

Wicker or rattan and aluminium are many of our clients preferred materials for contract outdoor furniture. We use the extremely strong and durable fibres from REHAU, which are approved for the marine industry and your guarantee of quality and durability.  The rattan withstands high as well as low temperatures and water splashes, which makes it perfect for sun beds that are placed on the beach or close to the poolside.

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