Indoor Bar Stools, Counter Stools, Bar Tables etc.

Danish Marine Furniture offers a wide selection of commercial bar furniture, so if you are looking for commercial bar stools or commercial bar tables, you have come to the right supplier. A well-chosen bar environment makes the visit in your bar memorable, while well-designed bar chairs or counter stools make the visit comfortable.

Some bars are considered iconic and worth visiting while others are more like a meeting point, where you gather before a night out. The bar environment, your bartenders and your cocktails are essential factors, when creating an iconic bar, and we can design and create exactly the bar furniture you need to make the interior design in your bar stand out.

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To create an iconic bar environment that everybody wants to visit you need to put some thought into, how you can make your bar stand out from other bars, and therefore your overall interior theme is crucial. When you have decided upon a breathtaking storyline, you need a counter, bar tables and bar chairs that come together as one overall experience. Choose between our various custom finishes to create the exact atmosphere, you desire.

Bar Furniture & Pub Furniture

Commercial bar furniture completes the interior theme of your bar, whether you want to create an extravagant cruise ship bar with modern swivel bar stools, a luxurious hotel bar with white leather bar stools or a restaurant bar with upholstered bar stools. Keep the atmosphere cozy with wooden counter height stools.

Create a Unique and Iconic Bar Environment

Look through our many beautiful bar furniture, where you’ll find bar chairs with a cushioned seat, swivel barstools and barstools with backrest and arms that provide comfort and support. Danish Marine Furniture can provide you with any bar furniture that you would need to create the perfect bar in your pub, lounge or club.

Do you want to create an iconic bar environment?

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