Commercial Outdoor Sofas and Couches

Are you looking for outdoor sofas for an outdoor lounge, an outdoor patio or maybe a luxurious outdoor promenade deck? A commercial outdoor sofa should both look and feel welcoming and invite your guests to sit down and relax as well in the sun as under the stars. We aim to take indoor comfort outdoor, when it comes to designing and creating outdoor furniture.

We offer multiple collections of outdoor sofas in simple, yet elegant Danish designs, and furthermore we offer the possibility of custom-made sofas in the design of your choice. Working together with internationally regarded and award-winning designers, we can offer you outdoor sofas and couches in the exact design that suits your outdoor area.

All-Weather Sofas of Marine-Grade Materials

All-weather furniture first of all calls for high-quality, outdoor-proven materials. We source materials from trusted suppliers that withstand all possible weather conditions on land as well at sea. Furthermore, we exclusively use marine-grade materials, which provide our outdoor furniture with protection against UV-radiation and salt as well as an easy-to-clean surface, such as high-quality wicker, rattan and certified wood.

For pillows we always use quick-dry foam, which allows the foam to dry quickly, ensuring the highest comfort for your hotel- or cruise guests.

Sturdy and Durable Commercial Outdoor Couches

Even though the construction of a commercial couch might be hidden underneath fluffy pillows, we consider it to be the most important part of the sofa, because only with a strong construction your guests are assured the highest comfort on a long-term basis. A sofa with 3-4 adults in it requires strong materials as well as a clever construction to endure.

To maximize the comfort of your outdoor space you might want to upgrade it with a comfortable daybed or a beautiful cabana. Complete the outdoor space with outdoor coffee tables in matching designs.

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