Banquette Seating for Cruise Lines, Hotels, Restaurants etc.

One type of bespoke furniture that you must not underestimate is the banquette seating, which is also known as banquette seats or booth seating. Banquette benches or so-called bench seating is the perfect choice for many hotels, restaurants, cafés and cruise lines. A bespoke banquette solution furthermore provides you with the opportunity to add that something extra to the interior design of your venue.

banquette bespoke furniture

Bespoke Banquette Seats

Banquette seating furthermore gives you the possibility of countless bespoke features. A plain back can easily be personalised with a stitch detail while the carefully chosen upholstery and design create a unique atmosphere in your lounge, restaurant, café etc.

A bespoke banquette seating is the perfect choice for restaurants, bars and cafes, and to create commercial furniture that withstands the rigours of the vivid environment in the hospitality industry we combine robust, high-quality materials and a high level of craftsmanship.

Anything is possible with a bespoke banquette solution, which can be shaped to follow the contours of any room.

Bespoke fixed seating makes it possible to get the most out of your venue regardless the size and the shape of the room, leaving no space unexploited. Due to the floor plan of your venue you might need a combination of corner banquette seating and bespoke booths to get the most out of your space, and our designers can help you find the right solution.

Make Your Venue Memorable

Unique venues call for unique furniture, and therefore Danish Marine Furniture offers to customise and tailor furniture to the exact specifications that suits your venue. In close corporation with you our internationally awarded designers create exactly the furniture that you desire.

Bespoke furniture gives you the opportunity to furnish your venue with furniture pieces in extraordinary designs in materials of your choice. This opens a world of possibilities of creating a memorable environment, which makes the stay onboard your cruise, in your hotel or the visit in your restaurant stand out.

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banquette Bespoke furniture