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Are you looking for an experienced hotel furniture supplier or a hotel furniture manufacturer?
Danish Marine Furniture can supply you with a wide range of hotel furnishings from hotel room furniture to hotel lobby furniture. We have long-term experience with designing and supplying hotel contract furniture, and your project is in good hands from the first sketch to the final piece of furniture.

Restaurant and hotel furniture

Create a Genuine Experience with Hotel Contract Furniture

Hotel furniture is not just any piece of furniture. The interior design in a hotel lounge or lobby should offer a striking first impression, a hotel room should be comfortable but still notable, while you want the restaurant furniture to enhance the food experience and become a destination of its own.

It is all about providing functional spaces that also offer that something extra when it comes to design. Many hotel guests no longer consider “practical” to be the best option, when they choose a hotel, but a contemporary hotel is expected to offer extraordinary surroundings as a central part of the overall hotel experience.

Through a clever interior design any space can be turned into a memorable destination and provide your guests with a unique and genuine accommodation experience. Give your guests something to talk about, while still getting that welcoming feeling of a home away from home with hotel furniture from Danish Marine Furniture.

Wholesale Hotel Furniture: From Hotel Room Furniture to Hotel Lobby Furniture

Our beautiful assortment of hotel furnishings from our existing collections gives you great options adjusting colours and materials from our wide selection of bespoke options. Choose a custom-made furniture solution for your venue, if you would like complete control over the furniture design to achieve exactly the atmosphere you desire.

Hotel furniture is a diverse concept, and you might also want to see our commercial lounge furniture, bar furniture, chairs, tables, sofas or restaurant furniture. Let’s us help you make the stay in your hotel memorable!

Hotel furniture
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