Commercial Cabanas and Daybeds

Do you want to create a small paradise in your hotel garden or onboard your cruise line? Then you need an outdoor cabana or daybed from Danish Marine Furniture!

Commercial cabanas and daybeds impart a luxurious and tropical feel to any outdoor space, so if you want to create the ultimate recreation area you should incorporate a cabana or a daybed in your outdoor venue. In other words, cabanas and daybeds upgrade any commercial outdoor space from luxurious to paradise.

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Create a Luxurious Recreation Area with a Cabana

A daybed is a true multi-purpose piece of furniture, and it usually consists of a round ottoman and two curved benches that can be pulled apart from the main part of the daybed. With extended canopy the daybed serves perfectly as a private lounger, and when the individual pieces are pulled apart it creates a small entertainment area that invites for socializing.

A cabana offers the relaxing atmosphere of a peaceful getaway in any location. Furniture as luxurious as a cabana calls for a premium finish and high-quality materials, which is why we only source wicker, aluminium and wood etc. from suppliers who truly understand the demands towards quality and durability within the hospitality industry.

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Bespoke Options or Custom Design?

Danish Marine Furniture offers a wide range of cabanas and daybeds for commercial use in eye-catching designs. Our outdoor furniture is available in a variety of finishes and fabric colours so that you are always able to find bespoke options that match your outdoor venue.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to transform your outdoor space into an oasis with a bespoke cabana and daybed. Our award-winning designers are committed to create the perfect design for your outdoor venue whether it’s in a five-star hotel garden or onboard a luxurious cruise line.

Offer your guests a taste of paradise, you will not regret it!