Our values

To fulfil our mission about creating durable, comfortable and sustainable furniture in beautiful designs especially for the cruise and hospitality industry, we comply our four core values: Craftsmanship, Comfort, Social Responsibility and Environment.

Danish Marine Furniture is committed to deliver high-quality indoor and outdoor hospitality furniture. We create furniture with a detail- and quality-conscious approach, because we are committed to craftsmanship in heart and mind. Masterly craftsmanship is first of all what makes us earn our reputation as a trustworthy furniture supplier for the cruise and hospitality industry.

Comfort is our highest priority when designing furniture. This means that we want to create furniture that provides your guests with ease, comfort and convenience. Comfort is first of all a physical condition, but it has great influence on your state of mind, and we therefore consider physical comfort to be the key to the ultimate leisure experience.

Social Responsibility
Safeguarding the workers who craft our furniture is of great importance to us. We believe that the well-being of people and proper working conditions are human rights, and we are furthermore convinced that craftsmen can only deliver extraordinary craftsmanship, when they are offered decent employment relationships.
We make great efforts to work with socially responsible suppliers and manufactures, and to ensure the well-being of the workers we, whenever possible, visit new suppliers to ensure that they offer proper working conditions.

To achieve our goal about creating long-lasting and sustainable furniture, we strive to choose environmentally friendly suppliers and manufacturers. We only accept wood with certain green certifications to ensure that it comes from responsibly managed forests, where safeguarding local livelihoods and the ecosystem is a priority.

From trusted suppliers we source non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, not only because they offer rattan, aluminium, leather etc. of the highest quality, but also because the companies provide environmentally conscious production facilities.
We believe that only when everyone makes an effort, we can overcome the environmental issues that the earth is facing, and that is why we strive to reduce our environmental footprints in any step of our supply chain.